NO WORK TEAM is not just a bike shop,
vice versa is meant to represent a choice of someone like me who lives the bike and nature,
of those who ride for fun and maintain a healthy body and mind,
of those who enjoy the environment that surrounds him with the knowledge
that does not belong and the necessary care so that others may benefit from it,
of those who does not mind the challenges but accept their limitations,
of those who prefer words with deeds, friends of their opponents,
of those who must prove, amazing, appear,
of those who do not ride like a job or live to work,
of those who see beyond the wheel that precedes it, and the numbers that follow on the display,
of those who respect the ideas of others without imposing their own, those who are not strong or poor but special
of those who have had the patience to read and understand these few lines,
to you, especially to you, welcome!